khabar - destinyunknown


In the fall of 2011, I wrote the editor of Khabar, an award winning Indian-American magazine in Atlanta, Georgia, asking, by chance, if he'd be kind enough to write a review of a book, Destination India, Destiny Unknown: A Three Week Journey Beyond the Taj and Behind the Symbols, that I had co-authored with my friend, Roopal Jain. He said he would and lived up to his promise. Please come to Greenville and visit, I offered Parthiv, and shortly thereafter, he and his family did. It was a fateful weekend. On Sunday morning, over a cup of coffee, he made me a surprising offer."

"For a year or two, we've been kicking around the idea of running an "American" column, written by someone outside of the Indian community. It might be both helpful and interesting to have someone like yourself, explain "American stuff" to first generation Indian-Americans. Will you consider writing such a column? I'd like to run it for a couple of years."


I gave it a moment or two of consideration.

"Sure, I'll give it a rip."

Over five years have passed. I'm still writing the monthly column. It's been a hoot. I've written about Superman. I've written about Donald Trump.  I've written about love and I've written about death. I think I am good for another year, or two, or three. 

"Americana" is in the digital edition of this very cool magazine.