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Sacred Spaces: What They Are, Where They Are and How to Get There: The Ultimate Mobile Travel Guide to Over 600 Historic Churches

Author: Bill Fitzpatrick

Published, October 2015

Summary: In the late 1600s, the Lord Proprietors granted freedom of religion to those willing to move to this otherwise threatening and dangerous land. Long persecuted Jews, Quakers, and French Huguenots heard the call, as did other Dissenters, and they came, leaving us their remarkable stories and histories. In South Carolina's Sacred Spaces, writer and photographer Bill Fitzpatrick makes it easy to learn about these seminal migrations and notable figures from the comfort of an easy chair. If the church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the summary detail (courtesy of South Carolina Archives and History) is provided. For those with other designations, such as Highway Markers or Historic Districts, this historical information is also provided. Finally, many of our state's historic churches graciously allowed their histories to be reprinted, For those wishing to travel the main and not so main roads, Bill has provided the GPS coordinates and hyperlinks to Google Maps for over 600 of South Carolina's historic churches.

Format: ebook

South Carolina's Magnificent National Historic Register Landmarks

Author: Bill Fitzpatrick

Published: The trilogy of ebooks (Upstate, Midlands, Coast) were published from 2014-2015.

Summary: South Carolina is a state blessed with a dazzling array of National Historic Register landmarks. Yet, as writer and photographer Bill Fitzpatrick found out when he attempted to visit a few such places, there is no easy way to travel to and then enjoy South Carolina's historical assets. Sure, there is plenty of information on many different websites, but none of it organized to allow a visitor, local tourist, or history buff to know "what's nearby," "how" to get there," and then "what it is" upon arrival.

Format: ebook

Destination India, Destiny Unknown: A Three Week Journey Beyond the Taj and Behind the Symbols

Authors: Bill Fitzpatrick and Roopal Jain

Published: January 2010

Summary: Distant and mysterious India is made less so, as Bill Fitzpatrick and Roopal Jain explain what is "Beyond the Taj and Behind the Symbols" in their thoughtful, humorous, and often touching three-week journey. While historical figures such as Akbar, Shah Jahan, and Saint Francis Xavier are described, and the vexing symbols of India explained, the strength of Destination: India, Destiny: Unknown is in the graceful manner the authors encounter, and then describe, the surprising heart of India.

Format: ebook and print

Bottoms Up, America!

Authors: Bill Fitzpatrick and Dave Fooshe

Published: July 1996

First printing: 1996

Second printing: 1998

Summary: Bill Fitzpatrick and his friend and co-author, Dave Fooshe, share their sometimes harrowing but ultimately affirming bicycle trip across the United States.

Format: ebook and print