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I love South Carolina, what can I say? My travels and interests have taken me to many different places, but it is here, in one of our country's first thirteen colonies that enjoy most. It is all here, isn't it, that good, bad and ugly of American history? And to think we can visit so many of these places and landmarks of the past with just a few hours of effort...

When I graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1978, MBA in hand, I never thought I would be in this state for so many years. Never thought at the time that I would write book, become a columnist for an Indian-American magazine in Atlanta, never thought I would become part of a couple of statewide groups that wish to preserve our past. But as you can see below, those things happened to me, and a bit more.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope something I have written or done resonates, that's my first wish. My second wish is that you help preserve our state's precious past. My standard line when I give my talks is that if our state can have a "Barbecue Trail," why can't we have an "Historic Church Trail." Draws a few laughs, but I am quite serious about that topic!

Safe travels, Bill

our south carolina community

Board of Directors: Friends of Trinity-Abbeville (FOTA)

Preservation South Carolina: Volunteer, multiple projects to Mike Bedenbaugh, Managing DirectorPreservation South Carolina

All of the profits associated with the sale of South Carolina's Sacred Spaces will be applied to the preservation efforts of our state's historic churches. Each copy of the book you purchase will contribute to this effort (and thank you). 


Sole creator of South Carolina's Sacred Spaces, a coffee-table book that features stories and photographs of approximately 75 of our state's historic churches. I have assigned all rights to this effort to Preservation South Carolina.

In 2015 and into 2016, I contributed digital content to National Trust for Historic Preservation, link for the story of Lower Long Cane Presbyterian).

I currently write a monthly "Americana" column for Khabar, an Atlanta based print magazine that caters to the needs and interests of first-generation Indian-Americans (2012-).

In 2014, I wrote "The Top 12 Forgotten Landmarks" column for the South Carolina Heritage Corridor.

My books include Bottoms Up, America! (1996), Destination India, Destiny Unknown, (2010), and  eBooks "South Carolina's Magnificent National Historic Landmarks and South Carolina's Sacred Spaces."


The mural-sized "Octagonal Church"  is part of the Upcountry's History Museum 2016-2017 exhibit, "Back Where I Come From: The Upcountry’s Piedmont Blues." Also featured as part of the exhibit is   "Beaufort County's Mary Jenkins Praise House."

"Durbrovnik from the Rooftops" (right) is on permanent display at Furman Univserity.

"The Old City" (2)

speaking and publicity

Upcountry Literary Festival, University of South Carolina-Union (March, 2018)

National Trust for Historic Preservation (2016-)

Greenville County Historical Society (2014)

South Carolina Landmark Conference (2013)

Appearances on talk radio (WBT-Charlotte), television (Greenville, Charleston) during promotional tour of Bottoms Up, America!

Numeorus book events throughout the Carolinas and Georgia