"Whether we attend religious services on a regular basis, or not, I would argue that when we travel along our state's less traveled roads believers and non-believers all pause, if just for a second or two, to stare at the aching beauty of a long-forgotten church. Who once worshipped here? What year was this church organized? Who now tends to its weathered boards and windows? What unknown history does it hold?

"When Bill approached me and offered his beautifully produced, 256 page coffee-table book to Preservation South Carolina, with the only provision that all of the profits from its sale go to the preservation of our state's sacred spaces, I said, ‘yes.’ Well, I might have said more than that! Our board of directors was equally thrilled. 

"Bill and I agree that South Carolina's history could nearly be told through the collective histories of its sacred spaces. Your purchase of the book will not just give you hours and hours of reading enjoyment, but also help us preserve our state's heritage for future generations.

"Thank you!" 

-Mike Bedenbaugh

Executive Director, Preservation South Carolina